Application for the nomination of an Honorary Consul of Togo in a foreign country

  1. Letter of motivation and a demand duly signed by the applicant and addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration of Togo ;
  1. A memorandum specifying the following data:
  • The city to house the Honorary Consul;
  • The jurisdiction in its delimitation;
  • Economic importance of the country and the future jurisdiction;
  • Ways and means of the indication by which the applicant intends to defend the interests of Togo;
  • Projects planned for the development of the Republic of Togo: area of intervention;
  • Provide an idea of the importance of a Togolese colony in the country and the jurisdiction;
  • Financial ability: accounts, revenue, wealth, etc.
  1. A detailed CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  1. A document providing verification of criminal records of the applicant under three months old.

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